One-on-One Tutoring & Integrated Listening Services for Children in the Orlando / Central Florida Area

Services Provided

Tutoring Clients

  • Individual Education Program construction and implementation
  • One on One tutoring
  • Small group gatherings (social integration, problem solving, self-esteem builder, self-awareness re-enforcement)
  • Home schooling (umbrella with OCPS)
  • iLs Music Therapy
  • Assessment testing for Grade Equivalency and Age Equivalency

About the Teaching Totem

My name is Lynne Crowley and I was born and raised in Ireland. I have a full teaching degree in Early Education and am a certified Advanced iLs Practitioner. I was a Pre School teacher for 24 years. Throughout these years, I learned my true passion: a desire to concentrate specifically on assisting students with learning disabilities and high functioning Autism/Aspergers.

My mission is to teach, guide, and mentor my students and clients to reach their true potential; to empower them and give them the tools needed to heighten self-esteem and pursue their possibilities with the confidence they deserve. I have been working as a tutor now for over 6 years, and in July of 2012, I opened my own learning studio, The Teaching Totem LLC.

Who Are My Clients?

My client base encompasses a variety of ages and needs. I work with students aged 4 through 19 years of age and Adults aged 21+.